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Ayahuasca General

Centers and Medical Specialties

  • Aya Advisors (full listing of generalist Ayahuasca centers)
  • Takiwasi (specialty center in Tarapoto, Peru – drug/ alcohol addiction)
  • Dr. Valentin Hampjes (specialty center in Ecuador – Medical Doctor of Neuropathy/ Psychiatry for depression, addiction and conditions otherwise incurable by Western medicine.)
  • Hospital de la Luz (speciality clinic in Iquitos, Peru – natural medicine meets shamanism)
  • Natae Wellness (Iboga Aftercare in Mexico)

Online Courses

  • Spiritual Development Through Ayahuasca (coming soon through Beyond the Ceremony!)

Misc Cool Things

Sky House Yoga (yoga, astrology, herbalism – Maryland)

The Joy Plan – Kai Roman

Ayahuasca-Focused Integration Support

Meetup Groups and Integration Circles


Coming Soon

Beyond the Ceremony Team Resources


Changemaking and Social Impact Entrepreneurship

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