Small Groups and Apprenticeships in the Peruvian Amazon


Small Groups in the Peruvian Amazon

A few times per year, Meghan or her team leads groups of 5-10 people (excluding apprentices and staff) deep into the jungle to work with her shaman since 2007. We focus heavily on spiritual development, coming into true self and life purpose. Click HERE to join the Small Group Interest/ Waiting List (where we’ll let you know first when new groups are open.) Click below to apply.


Apprenticeship Months in the Peruvian Amazon

For those wanting to work longer term in the Medicine, the shaman offers five apprenticeship spaces per month for those who qualify (pending acceptance of application and interview.) Click HERE to join our apprenticeship interest list, or below for more information or to apply.


Distance Healing and Medicine Reactivation

A powerful way of allowing the Medicine to work from afar is via Distance Healing or Medicine Reactivation. Done during a five ceremony cycle by a Peruvian shaman in the Amazon. We’ve seem some amazing movement and results working with the Medicine this way! $25/ceremony


Distance Healing and Medicine Reactivation

A cycle of five live ceremonies performed by a Peruvian shaman in the Amazon (applied to you by distance) in for healing or reactivation of Medicine in the body
  • Price: $ 125.00
    Each ceremony is $25, for a total of $125 for the full, five ceremony cycle. You will be directed to secure checkout upon submission of this form (if you've already paid, just skip this step).
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Spiritual Development in the Amazon (coming soon!)

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